Vegan Soul Bowl w/ Garlic-Lemon Tahini

It's that time of year, where the temperature is dropping outside, you're pulling our your favorite fall sweater, and you're looking to snuggle up to anything warm and comforting. Snuggle up to this delicious rice bowl piled high with roasted, grilled, and sauteed veggies and topped with a rich and flavorful garlic-lemon tahini! So as I... Continue Reading →

Back in action!

Hello, world! I am back! Oh, my goodness have I missed sharing my food journeys with you guys! I'm sure you probably even thought that I'd fell completely off of the radar and that you should just unsubscribe as you will never hear from me again, but alas, here I am and I sincerely apologize for... Continue Reading →

End of summer “light barbeque”…

Can I coin the term "light barbecue" because I have found myself using it A LOT this summer? Ok cool! Also apparently I've been spelling barbecue with a "q" my whole life and have been completely wrong (thanks Grammerly) guess you learn something new every day! Anyways, the summer is quickly coming to a close, many of you are... Continue Reading →

Savory Veggie Patties

As my husband and I are slowly but surely preparing for a 30 day raw vegan diet /cleanse in a couple of weeks, we are making a steady transition (he's already eating 90% vegan so I am far behind) from our typical diet and our favorite foods! During that time I will still be posting ... Continue Reading →

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