MOTD in full effect!

Welcome to Meals On The Double! I am so happy you decided to stop by! This is pretty much a site dedicated to putting together quick, well- rounded meals for yourself or your family; getting you in and out of the kitchen and food on your table in a flash! Now keep in mind, the point of these recipes is to have a meal prepared and ready to eat in 30 minutes or less; so there will be some ingredients that are pre-cooked, “heat and eat”, pre-chopped, pre-sliced, etc., and this is all designed to drastically cut down your prep time and get food on your plate in a timely fashion. I have made an effort to make sure foods that are “pre- prepared” (I don’t know if that’s a word, but just humor me), are still healthy and fresh (as possible) versions of themselves. Now if you would like to substitute for fresher or from scratch ingredients…well then that would defeat the whole purpose of skipping the hard work, right? Just kidding, feel free to use ingredients you are comfortable with or omit ingredients you are either allergic to or don’t like to eat! I am just here to help you throw it together! Each recipe will include a grocery list of items needed, pictures of the ingredients I myself use, and step by step instructions with pictures as well. Choose 7 recipes to combine a grocery list of ingredients for a weeks worth of something different every night (not to mention a easy and budget friendly shopping trip), or double up on recipes for 2-3 days worth of leftovers. Whatever you choose to make, please take a picture and tag this blog page in your social media posts so that I can see your finished creations! Happy Eating!

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