Oh my oatmeal! Fun and delicious toppings!

So I have had a love- hate relationship with oatmeal for some time now, (always preferred Malt o Meal); the love was when I was a child eating it for breakfast at my Nanny’s loaded with butter and sugar, and the hate was when I became an adult and was 100% sure it was the most horrible food on Earth. I basically created these topping combinations out of things that I enjoyed to eat alone, and thought would taste good on oatmeal. Not all were a success (pineapple was a no-go for me -_-), but these I enjoyed so I am sharing them with you all! Whether you are a big fan of oatmeal or not (I understand, it’s taken some time to grow on me!), these yummy toppings are sure to be a hit! From citrus-y, energizing Strawberry Kiwi Crunch to warm, cozy Peach Cobbler, these additions will spice up your plain ol’ oatmeal for a delicious, satisfying breakfast (or snack!) you’ll want to experience time and time again! Also great if you are trying to get the kiddos on board with something other than cereal!

(If you make any of these oatmeal combinations, please post to your social media page and tag this blog! Thanks so much!)

Strawberry Kiwi Crunch
Strawberry Kiwi Crunch: fresh strawberries, fresh kiwi, honey oat granola (try adding raw honey to this combo for maximum tastiness!)
Blueberry Streusal
Blueberry Streusal: fresh blueberries, wild blueberries, Streusel topping (Warm streusel is the highlight of this topping combo!)
Chocolate Covered Strawberry: chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries, white chocolate chips ( OF COURSE you can actually cover your strawberries with chocolate, I just didn’t want it to look like a chocolate-y mess for picture purposes 😄 )
Banana Dark Chocolate: fresh banana, dark chocolate chips (simple and to the point, this pair is good by itself, but make it a trio with a dollop of  creamy honey peanut butter to go from good to great!)
Tropical Fruit and coconut: fresh mango, fresh strawberry, fresh blueberry, fresh kiwi, coconut, raw honey
Peach Cobbler: canned cling peaches (or fresh if you choose!), cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, crumbled pie crust (warm spiced peaches and crispy buttery pie crust…need I say more?)
Triple Berry White Chocolate: fresh blueberries, fresh blackberries, fresh raspberries, white chocolate chips (melted or whole, your choice!)
Mango Coconut: fresh mango, shredded coconut ( toasted coconut tastes great as well!)

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