End of summer “light barbeque”…

Can I coin the term “light barbecue” because I have found myself using it A LOT this summer? Ok cool! Also apparently I’ve been spelling barbecue with a “q” my whole life and have been completely wrong (thanks Grammerly) guess you learn something new every day! Anyways, the summer is quickly coming to a close, many of you are already shopping for school clothes and supplies, or if you don’t have kids you’re probably trying to prepare for the inevitable back to school traffic that will resume.    

Top off the summer with family and friends with a light spread of grilled veggies a few sausages or patties, some light sides, and some sangria (for the adults) that is sure to please! You will love throwing “light barbecues” when you realize how minimal the effort is and how great the end product is! Also works great to take out to the beach if you have a small portable grill! No more standing over a hot grill for hours? No more feeling the need to sleep right after eating so many heavy foods? A great time, with great food? Thank me later!

I stopped eating pork products after I met my husband so finding sausages made without pork and without pork casings became a literal task for me! Luckily for me, I have been fortunate to find a few different brands that still taste great and are pork free. Trader Joes (can you tell I shop there often?) has some great tasting chicken sausages that grill very well! Since the point of this bbq is an emphasis on the “light” part, skip the macaroni and cheese, the potato salad, and baked beans, and opt for some fresh veggies to grill! I typically go for a few different flavored sausages because they really only need to be heated and grill quickly, but a couple of chicken wings and turkey patties (for the burger lovers) can also be great additions, especially if you are cooking for a crowd!

Sweet Texas onions, red bell pepper, asparagus, and sweet corn on the cob are deliciously grilled with apple wood chips for a sweet smoky flavor…

For dessert? A simple bowl of mixed fruit is where its at! Let me tell you, after eating those grilled veggies and meat, a cup of fruit afterward was beyond refreshing and brought everything together beautifully! As far as sides, I would pair with a cool pasta salad, a garden salad, and roasted potatoes with baby carrots. 

Fresh strawberries, green and red grapes, kiwi, mango, and cherries…toss in Tajin seasoning for more delicious flavor or eat plain!

I’ll be updating this post with more pictures at a later date, but I HAVE to go ahead and share this sangria recipe with you guys! It is cold, refreshing, and great to sip on! Your friends and family will rave about it! It delivers an awesome little buzz without the tartness of plain wine, and a delightful sweetness from the fruit juices! Plus, when it’s all gone you can enjoy all of the wine infused fruit left over!

Party Sangria

up to 9 servings:

  • 3 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon (or white wine of your choice)
  • 1 liter of 100% fruit juice (tropical mixes work best, 1-liter juice for every 2-3 bottles for larger batches)
  • Assorted cut fresh fruit (I like to use orange slices, strawberries, cherries, and apples, mangos, and pineapples)
I love to use this brand of 100% juice. I purchased it at Albertsons, not sure what other stores you may find it at!

Combine wine, fruit juice, and mixed fruit into a dispenser that can hold at least 110 oz of liquid. Refrigerate overnight prior to your get together. Pour and enjoy!

Now grab a few friends or just your family, spark up the grill on a beautiful sunny Saturday, and keep it light and simple! 





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